1. Philadelphia, PA, 2014

  2. Coliseum, Dischord House, Arlington, VA, 2013

  3. Philadelphia, PA, 2014

  4. Woodstock, VA, 2014

  5. Mario Rubalcaba, Rocket From The Crypt, Philadelphia, PA, 2014

  6. Baroness, Madison, WI, 2013

  7. Nathen Maxwell, Flogging Molly, Silver Spring, MD, 2014

  8. Rocket From The Crypt, Washington, DC, 2014

  9. The Drowning Men, Silver Spring, MD, 2014


  10. Maurertown, VA, 2014

  11. Found photo + manipulation

    I have taken down all but one of the images from the recently posted set, “Birth To Panama.”  I have never felt a website was the proper form of presentation for this project yet at the same time I wasn’t 100% sure what to actually do with these images.  After a lot of thought I pitched an idea to a friend and we agreed to collaborate on an interesting concept that’ll encompass these images much better as well as allow for better presentation.

    Project details coming soon.

    - Nic


  12. Ice T, Body Count, Fun Fun Fun Fest, Austin, TX, 2013

  13. New York, NY, 2006

  14. Todd Eisenkerch, The Drowning Men, Silver Spring, MD, 2014

  15. Woodstock, VA, 2014