1. Lost In London, analog collage

  2. In Pursuit Of Something Real, 37 Days With Coliseum has been restocked at Shirt Killer and there are still copies remaining in the Deathwish E-store.  However, copies are running low and both outlets likely won’t see another restock on this print cycle.  Grab one while they last!

    Shirt Killer:  http://www.shirtkiller.com/coliseum
    Deathwish:  http://store.deathwishinc.com/product/AWZ002.html  

  3. Weaverville, NC, 2014

  4. Woodstock, VA, 2014

  5. Toms Brook, VA, 2014

  6. Toms Brook, VA, 2014

  7. Martinsburg, WV, 2014

  8. Woodstock, VA, 2014

  9. Asheville, NC, 2013

  10. Daytrotter, Rock Island, IL, 2013

  11. Stephens City, VA, 2013

  12. Stephens City, VA, 2014

  13. Jess, Asheville, NC, 2014

  14. oranbeg:

    Oranbeg is proud to announce the selected artists for Beta

    Rytis Gervickas, Stepanka Peterka, Loic Thisse, Tammy Mercure,
    Andrew Hammerand, David Lurvey, Tristan Hutchinson, Andrew Frost, Ellen Wallenstein, Varvara Mikushkina, Jesse Untracht-Oakner,
    Maggie Shannon, Juan Madrid, Theo Slavin, Nicole White, Ricky Rhodes, Alex Nelson, Zora Murff, Evan Deuitch, TJ Elias, Jonathan Pivovar, Aleck Venegas, Kendell Harbin, Matthew Cronin, William Shields,
    Jay Muhlin,Matthew Crowther, Ben McNutt, Nic McInturff, Lauren Wansker, Noelle McCleaf, Jaclyn Wright, Magali Duzant, Sara J. Winston, Marisa Gertz, Alex Thebez, Kat Slootsky, Lindsay Metivier, Max Braningan, Colin Todd and Samantha Sutcliffe.

    Beta will be released on July 20th at Across the Gutter

    Brooklyn folks; check out one of my collage based pieces in the upcoming “BETA” show presented by Oranbeg Press at Across The Gutter.

  15. Oklahoma City, OK, 2013